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Just in case you’re not familiar with Jeremy “JerDog” Danley, he is a writer, performer, and promoter of live stand-up comedy.  He will have you laughing your @$$ off with his fast-paced, blue-collar material.   His jokes are quick and clever with an off-the-cuff, improvisational, audience-interactive performance style. 

JerDog’s Live Comedy Road Show has been described in the press as “real, raw & relatable heartland humor.”  He has appeared on Comedy Central and MTV,  in addition to his roles in two comedy documentary films, Road Dogs (2006) and American Smartass (2011).   His comedy albums Domesticated Party Animal and Totally Baked can be heard on Sirius-XM, iTunes, and “Jeremy Danley Radio” on Pandora.

JerDog hosts a weekly segment “Bar Comedy USA News” broadcasting from 96.7FM The Eagle out of Rockford, Illinois. 

Now based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Danley continues to perform at bars and clubs nations-wide, and currently serves as promoter-in-chief for The Pub & Grub Comedy Tour™.   

JerDog On Stage At The Laugh Out Lounge; WInter Haven, Florida NOV '22

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Over the years, I’ve had many audience members tell me the show was so funny, they thought they were going to pee their pants. This is the first time it actually happened. And I was there with the camera to capture the whole thing on video.

Bar Comedy USA News

Each week JerDog chats with Double T live on air (The Eagle 96.7FM Rockford, Illinois) about what’s happening in bar comedy across the country. 

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